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How To Make it Fun!

20 Ways To Make Your Season Fun

  1. Smile. It really is contagious.
  2. Tell a joke. What a fun way to start every practice.
  3. Let your team run a practice.
  4. Bring in a guest/celebrity coach to practice
  5. Play music during your practices.
  6. Have a team cheer. Let your players make it up.
  7. Let your players use face paint or hair colouring.
  8. Have a players vs. parents night.
  9. Enter your team into tournaments.
  10. Host a team BBQ or other team bonding event.
  11. Make sure you know when your players' birthdays are and sing Happy Birthday to them.
  12. Introduce new games at practice. Keep things fresh.
  13. Celebrate individual and team accomplishments.
  14. All players get fair playing time.
  15. Give your players the opportunity to play all of the positions.
  16. Change captains every game.
  17. Don't focus on winning.
  18. Bring healthy treats for after practice or games.
  19. Give each of your players a small gift (ex. A cookie). Let them give their gifts to the ref after the game and say thanks for being our ref.
  20. Say hi to your players and ask them how they are doing.