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How To Coach Girls

I have been coaching boys and girls for many years now and I have learned that there are some important things to remember when coaching the “fairer sex”.

Girls are typically better at listening than boys. This is great, however, you better be prepared to explain yourself clearly.

Girls are more analytical than boys and will want to know why they should do something a particular way more than boys will.

Team unity is more important to girls than boys. Treat everyone on the team equally or you will lose the respect of your players. They have each other’s back.

Be aware of the relationships between players. If you are coaching girls make sure to look out for the emergence of cliques. Small groups within teams are never good for boys or girls but with girls this can quickly ruin the team dynamic and this is when you may start seeing a very fast decline in moral.

Be democratic. If you try to coach like a dictator, girls will shut you off immediately. Boys will often listen to you because you are the boss but this doesn’t fly with girls. Girls will listen to you if there is a mutual respect between team and coach.

In situations where the player or team is not succeeding, boys will be quick to blame the ref, playing conditions, their team mates, their coach, etc. Girls will blame themselves and will become very upset occasionally. Make sure to stay positive and reinforce the idea of effort and improvement being more important than winning or losing.

Girls are every bit as competitive as boys but are often less selfish. Watching a well-played girls soccer match will more often resemble a professional match and can be extremely enjoyable to watch…and coach.